CH Constellation’s To Infinity and Beyond for Whalom (“Buzz”)

Breeders:   Valerie Kaesemacher and Timothy Kaesemacher
Sire:    CH Mtnviews And Constellation’s Theory of Relativity
Dam:   Constellation’s Patience is a Virtue

It is an honor to have “Buzz” here as an addition to the Whalom crew.  He has many of the original dogs behind Whalom Bostons in his pedigree, so he truly represents the quality and type of Boston that Whalom Bostons has been known for.

Buzz is a lovely mahogany brindle.  He has just started obedience training.  He loves to swim with the Tollers and retrieve, but sadly there are no Hunt Tests for Boston Terriers.

Buzz's First Win

Buzz’s First Win


Buzz's First Major - 4 pts

Buzz’s First Major – 4 pts












Buzz’s Pedigree