Universal Touch Massage Therapy – CANINE AND EQUINE

Universal Touch is a private practice in Massage Therapy, owned and operated by Christi Scarpino. Christi is a licensed, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for humans, who is also certified in canine and equine massage.

Here are some of the benefits of massage for your dog or horse:
• Reduce muscular soreness
• Improve muscular performance
• Reduce muscle spasm & pain
• Increase circulation
• Increase range of motion
• Increase cellular nutrition
• Reduce stress/release endorphins
• Remove cellular toxins
• Increase recovery time from injury or surgery
• Reduce risk of injury

Equine massage is provided at your facility. Canine massage is provided at the office in Ashburnham, at dog shows, and at training facilities. We love to provide massage at canine/equine clinics or performance events. If you are considering offering massage at your Club’s event, please contact Christi.

If you are interested in improving the muscular performance of your equine athlete, and maintaining the overall health of your horse, then you should consider massage.

Massage can be helpful for dogs recovering from injury, who have muscular pain or soreness or who are performance dogs who need to maintain their range of motion for competition. Massage can improve your dog’s movement and topline in the show ring.


You’ll find Universal Touch Massage on Facebook–new website to come.