At Whalom Canine Connection, we are committed to the health of all our Bostons — from puppies to geriatrics. We feed natural food with wholesome ingredients, without artificial colors or preservatives. We also believe in probiotics, and Fastrack® is the number one microbial supplement.

All of our dogs are on the Fastrack® program.  Every Boston, from weaning through adulthood, gets the Canine Microbial Supplement (CMS) daily on their food. Some of the results our Bostons have experienced include: shinier, thicker coats, enhanced performance and endurance, better appetite, more consistent stools, fewer digestive upsets (particularly after dog shows), heavier puppy weights, and improved lactation for nursing bitches. We use the Canine Gel before and after surgery, during periods of stress, and with our newborn puppies. Puppies are born with sterile digestive tracts. By giving them the canine gel, they are getting a boost from the start with the beneficial bacteria before the ‘bad’ bacteria that cause sickness get a chance to replicate. If puppies fade, it is usually due to respiratory or digestive issues. Why not improve their ability to absorb nutrients and fight off illness by giving them Fastrack® Canine Gel? All of our dogs get the Adult Dog Supplement daily, and our geriatric dogs take the Senior Dog Supplement. It is easy for us to stand behind products that we have used with positive results since 1990.

What is Fastrack®? What does it do?
We know that proper nutrition and digestion help promote efficient health and performance in animals. Fastrack® formulas contain unique combinations of health-promoting bacteria, yeast, enzymes, vitamins, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and specialized proteins. FOS are nutrient sources that help increase the population of health promoting bacteria in the digestive tract. Specialized proteins aid the immune system to protect against disease-causing organisms. Basically, Fastrack® improves your dog’s ability to digest and absorb food. Bostons have a digestive tract designed to break down protein. Many dog foods contain too much grain and grain by-products. Fastrack® helps Bostons efficiently use their meals. I have found that my Bostons have better appetites, improved hair coat, more resistance to show-related illnesses, better stools, and minimal gas (a not so positive trait of the Boston Terrier)

Here are the products that we routinely use and offer for sale:

This is a powder that is sprinkled over your food. Most Boston Terriers only need 1/4 teaspoon per day. The ingredients include beneficial bacteria, live yeast, enzymes, and probiotics, which promote digestion and nutrient absorption. All of our Bostons are given the Microbial Supplement daily. Fastrack® CANINE MICROBIAL GEL.  Puppies and mature Bostons benefit from this gel at weaning, whelping, showing, traveling, and during other periods of stress. I also give it to my dogs after immunizations, during antibiotic therapy, post-surgery, and when they have diarrhea. It now contains specialized proteins which in research conditions have shown effectiveness against parvovirus, E.coli and salmonella.

This vitamin contains chelated minerals, vitamins, Vitamin C (Ester-C) and Linoleic Acid. It is comparable to any high potency canine vitamin in the market. It also contains folic acid and calcium, so I like to give it to pregnant bitches.

This supplement is helpful for senior dogs and dogs recovering from injuries or who are predisposed to genetic joint health problems. It contains chelated minerals, vitamins, Vitamin C, Glucosamine HCl, green-lipped mussels and MSM.

This is another way to support digestive function in your Boston. They contain all natural ingredients, including the beneficial bacteria and probiotics. My dogs love them. I use them for training treats and for baiting in the ring. I find that my Bostons have less digestive upset and better appetites after a weekend of showing when they get the digestive treats.

Christi is an Independent Business Owner (IBO) for the Conklin Company, which manufactures Fastrack® products.  You can order directly from Christi.  If you plan to use Fastrack® on a regular basis, Christi can set you up as a Preferred Customer, saving you approximately 30% of the retail price.  If you’d like to learn more about the Fastrack® products, including ingredients and pricing, click here.

Business Opportunity Available
Would you like to sell Fastrack Animal products in your store? Would you like to purchase products at wholesale prices for your kennel? Are you interested in a becoming a Fastrack® distributor and earn commissions on your sales? To learn more about business opportunities with the Conklin Company, click here.

If you have any questions about the Fastrack® products or becoming a distributor, please contact Christi

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